Drug and Alcohol Testing In The Workplace

Drug and Alcohol Testing is becoming increasingly common in Australian workplaces, as the impact of alcohol and recreational drug use continues to present a serious risk to workplace health, safety and productivity.

Start reducing drug related risks, and improve your workplace safety, choose Statewide Air and Noise to conduct your onsite testing.


We cater for blanket, random or casual testing using the state of the art collection method of FINGERPRINT DRUG TESTING.  

Our accredited and fully trained drug testers will attend your work site to test alcohol via breath, or drugs via FINGERPRINT DETECTION the screening results are instant and this totally new form of drug testing is backed by science and is far more dignified and hygienic than urine and saliva testing.

Instant screening takes 5 seconds to collect and less than 10 minutes for a definitive result. The results are delivered scientifically via a computer reader without human interpretation. Intermittent non-negative specimens are taken with two further finger print samples that are  sent off to an  accredited laboratory for a 48-hour turnaround.

New to Drug and Alcohol testing?

If you don’t have a current drug and alcohol testing policy, we can work with you to help you establish a policy and subsequent testing program.

It is important that you have a well communicated Drug and Alcohol Policy within your business or organisation before introducing a drug testing program.

We can assist with all aspects of your drug and alcohol program, with all testing completed to AS 4308:2008 and AS 4760:2006.

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