We save you the need to go off site for hearing tests for your workers. Whether you have a handful of employees or hundred's no job is too big or too small.  

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Our mobile hearing test units are fitted with soundproof booths, are air conditioned, clean and clinical to provide you with onsite hearing testing in the workplace. We operate using accurate, modern, calibrated  manual audiometers to ensure the accuracy of the air conduction screening tests.

Our testers  meet all the requirements of Work Safe authorities through out the country. We provide hearing testing letters and test results on the spot so that all requirements are satisfied immediately. These records are also kept electronically, so that company records are available for decades.

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About our testing system:

We have our own software system, 'Hearing Solutions' that records all the hearing tests for the companies we test. Any of our clients can have a downloadable software version of their hearing tests and can therefore have an electronic copy of their hearing tests on their own computer. This service is free and is in addition to all the printed records that we supply on site. (We send you a version of the program that allows you to see and print the data but not add or alter it in anyway so your tests remain safe)

The Hearing Solutions software provides an automatic guarantee that the records are being kept safe.

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