We are occupational hygienists and respiratory face fit mask testers with academic qualifications and professional accreditation.

For over 25 years we have provided scientific based monitoring for workplaces across major cities and country locations.

In 2020 we were awarded a part tender with Hospital Purchasing Victoria to complete respiratory fit testing services to public hospitals through out Victoria and this tender has been extended until the end of 2022.

As well as local and semi government authorities our clients include household names in industries such as: Building, Construction, Transport,  Security, Timber, Food and Beverage, Steel, Manufacturing, Cosmetic, Motor Vehicle, Airline,  Chemical, Television, Mining, Plastics, Galvanizing, Electroplating, Hospital and Healthcare, Paper, Education (University and Schools) Technology and Recycling.

We have vast experience to enable us to recognise, evaluate, control and anticipate hazards in your workplace.

We only utilize the services of qualified personnel with specialist qualifications in one of or a combination of the services we provide.