Workplace Asbestos testing

Worplace testing

Whether we are visiting your workplace to review your asbestos register, to establish a register, or to monitor or test any of your hazards in the workplace. Statewide Air and Noise provides a professional service using the right expert for your job.

Often asbestos can be checked during the same visit as noise monitoring or chemical testing, it makes sense to use a one stop shop for all your safety needs. 

Need an Asbestos Audit and Management Plan? Large businesses, small businesses and stake holders!

Have  WorkSafe called?
Do you need an Asbestos Audit?
Are you renting, renovating or rebuilding?

 If you suspect a material may contain asbestos, don’t take the risk, stop work and get the material tested for the presence of asbestos.

Establishing whether there is risk of asbestos toxicity for you and the public is essential, we conduct asbestos sampling, testing and analysis for any businesses or properties, allowing us to determine the presence of the hazardous material in the business or commercial environment.

An Asbestos Register will make you Compliant

An Asbestos Register is a document that identifies the presence of asbestos, the danger, the position of the material in your property and safe handling instructions. WorkSafe, Tradesmen, Property purchasers and Insurance companies will all want to know that you have managed any potential asbestos problems and having an up to date asbestos register is the answer.

An asbestos register can be completed for any workplace or property:

  • Identifying asbestos
  • Extracting samples in identified areas
  • NATA testing of samples
  • An Asbestos Register will including:
    • A written report of asbestos in all locations
    • Identification and photographs of any affected areas
    • A risk management plan to deal with affected areas
    • Clearance certificates if you chose to remove asbestos


asbestors in the home

You can only manage a hazard effectively once it has been identified. You can send us samples to be analysed from around your home for $55 per sample. We can talk you through what to do and once the samples have been identified you can decide how to manage them. 

Disposal of asbestos is tightly controlled and to reduce any risks associated with asbestos, you should use a licensed professional who is trained to deal with the problem of removal and disposal. they will know the correct sites to use as not all landfill sites accept asbestos. 

 All asbestos material must be disposed of safely at a landfill or waste disposal site approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

If you suspect a material may contain asbestos, don’t take the risk, stop work and get the material tested for the presence of asbestos.

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