Drug Residue Testing | RAP (Remediation Action Plans) & Clearance Tests


Testing for Meth is a major issue for property owners and stakeholders

  • If you suspect drug use has occurred within your property, then request a quote.
  • We can assist you with property sampling kits and once a positive result is established visit your site to do the job professionally.
  • We specialise in managing the process so that re-occupancy can occur in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We will provide a clearance test at the completion of the job to satisfy the appropriate authorities.

Drug residue maybe found wherever people have used drugs.

What to throw out, clean or how to proceed? Leave that to us, we will scientifically sort and solve.

We are university trained in toxicology, chemistry, health and safety and sampling techniques. We comply with all legislative requirement and all work and reports are signed off by our approved technical experts.

We are the only experts you need, making a complicated process simple, stress free and straightforward.


Remote consulting is available with our accredited expert staff.

Not sure what to do? No obligation immediate post event guidance with an occupational hygienist providing advice anywhere in Australia e.g. once you suspect you have a potential meth problem.

  • Perfect for professionals wanting to help their clients


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