Spirometry Testing

Respiratory health is essential for a satisfactory quality of life.

Spirometry is an excellent way for employers to ensure they are meeting their obligations in relation to health monitoring, and is measureable, accurate, scientifically repeatable way to test a worker's lung fuction and diagnose obstruction or airflow limitations.

An atmospheric monitoring program is very well supported by spirometry and is an essential part of the workplace's health surveillance program.

What is spirometry?

Spirometry is a test that measures a person’s lung health and function. It is used commonly to determine how much air volume is inhaled, exhaled and the speed of exhalation. Employees can encounter many known and unknown airborne irritants at work or outside of the workplace.

Spirometry testing can reveal any potential declining health conditions or abnormalities, including occupational lung disease.

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Spirometry testing can identify breathing patterns such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Spirometry testing would be strongly recommended in any workplace with the following hazards:

Chemical Fumes
Fine dusts (respirable dust)
Concrete dust
Silica dust
Welding fume
Animal Dander

These fumes, mists, vapour and or fine particles can be found in many industries/ workplaces including, but not limited to, Laboratories, Carpentery Shops, Caravan Manufacturers, Building and Construction sites, Quarries, Recycling plants, Road crews, Asphalt plants, CFA, Demolition, Remediation work, Research facilities and Vets.

Benefits of spirometry testing

  • Directly assess respiratory health of employees,
  • The ability to record the smallest of changes in respiratory function and health over time,
  • Improving a workplace safe culture amongst the company and providing employees relief with the knowledge they are being looked after,
  • Workplace respiratory hazards can be identified and acted upon,
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations,
  • Saves worry, time and money for the employers and employees.

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