Respiratory Mask Test Fitting Service


Do you need a Respirator Fit Test ?

Whether you chose a paper respirator, a half face respirator or a full face respirator you wear it believing you are being protected from a airborne contaminant (ie dusts, gases, vapours, fumes).

An inappropriate fit can lead to a reduced level of protection, which potentially exposes the wearer to harmful levels of atmospheric contaminants.

Respiratory fit testing is a service provided to ensure that a specific make, model & size of tight-fitting respirator achieves an adequate seal against the face of the wearer.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 1715:2009 covers selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, and specifically requires workers to be fit tested by qualified personnel before using any respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Clearly compliance with the standard is warranted when harmful contaminants are being used in the workplace.

Our fit testing services:

  • In-house Respirator Fit Testing 
  • Onsite Respirator Fit Testing    

We will issue a a fit-test record following the testing !  

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