Respiratory Mask Test Fitting Service


Do you need a respirator mask fit test ?

We are experienced with industrial masks / workers and all hospital  workers / paper masks.

Please fill in the request a QUOTE  to obtain a price for on site respirator face fit testing. 

Statewide Air and Noise are fit testing service provides for HealthShare Victoria and are part of a shared tender to provide these services to hospitals

An inappropriate fit can lead to a reduced level of protection, which potentially exposes the wearer to harmful levels of atmospheric contaminants including viruses.

Respiratory fit testing is a service provided to ensure that a specific make, model & size of tight-fitting respirator achieves an adequate seal against the face of the wearer. Checking the wearers protection against harmful levels of atmospheric contaminants including viruses.

Our fit testing services have two main options:

  • Onsite Respirator Fit Testing at your workplace location within your workplace in Melbourne or Country Victoria 
  • Or you come to our Huntingdale/Oakleigh site to complete a fit test in house 

Following each mask/worker fit test, we will issue a an electronic fit-test record. Relatively quick and following payment you can have the fit test certificate immediately 

Provide details of your needs by completing the request a free quote here.


Michael Lukis RESP FIT Tester
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