Not sure whether moisture, mould or bacteria are  at concerning levels or are harmful? Our experience and skill puts us in a unique positions to to determine the extent of the problem and find solutions.

Mouldy odour, visible mould or moisture areas within buildings affect the health of the occupants and can affect the structural integrity of the building.

Mould is just one of the parameters that is quantified during a thorough indoor air test.

Adverse health effects of mould include allergic responses, respiratory disease, coughing, sneezing, watering eyes, headaches, asthma, skin rashes.

This is a concern for organisations as claims of ill health by workers, can cause lost productivity and spread concern through out an office.

Once mould has manifested indoors it will still be present even when the moisture is removed. It may even get worse when it dries as more spores become airborne, being breathed in by your staff and spreading to new places.

Mould must be physically removed including all spores and fragments from surfaces. But first you neede to establish the level of mould, the type of mould species and the extent of the problem.

This includes mould sampling and laboratory analysis with a follow up report.

A typical report will include:

  • Whether there is a significant mould problem or not, based on sampling
  • Recommendations on how to fix the mould problem

We can provide additional testing and a 'clearance certificate' following the clean-up, so you are confident in the results provided by the cleaner and that they are sustainable.

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